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Can Silk Flowers Aggravate Allergies?

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The answer is yes. Not from the flower itself, but from the dust that has accumulated on it. There is where you are thinking “oh, they need to be cleaned?” Silk flower arrangements accumulate dust just like any other surface in your home or office.

There are a number of ways to keep your flowers beautiful and vibrant, depending on how long it has been since the flowers have been cleaned.

For a light amount of dust — Use a hairdryer. Set it on a low speed and low temperature and blow off the dust. Do this every 3 months. This works best if you are starting out pretty clean.

For a medium amount of dust — Use a clean make-up or shaving brush. Dust off each leaf and flower. With the brushes you can get into the crevices. This goes faster than you think. Do this every 6 months.

For a large amount of dust — Wash the individual stems with warm water. Most silk flowers are washable but there are some that should not have water on them. Look at the stem. If it has a paper covering, don’t wash it. If the flower is velvety or made of paper, don't wash it. Test to see if the flower colors bleed. Nothing can ruin your day like having your kitchen counter stained. Contact me if you would like me to help you determine if your flowers are washable or how to tackle the job. You get the best results from washing the flowers.

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